Wie schmeckt Influencer FOOD wirklich?

today is a really niceday eat products from celebrities andinfluenza pause until caught a lot of peopleare currently in thefood industry yes even peoplefrom the classic media like tomake fun of influenza whohave been doing it for a long time that is a veryinteresting development For me,I say so much about it, we have a lot here,I have to say I have never tried any ofit except thechocolate in a different*12the comments on which influenza productsor apparently also products frompeople in public life I shouldstill test do not forgetto subscribe to the main channel so asnot to miss your wish we are here alsoa little bit international really onlya little bit is the only thing i gotfrom an international youtuberthis time and i would say caughtright on with the gangster wavei bought in tuna with yoghurtsauce u nd can i have to*12beautiful it also really stands outi bought thekarat face on it at rewe a specialedition makes the pizza make yousick it is inside but baba softwareeli lilly lly doesn’t work with it expertstuna red onions andcherry tomatoes billy liverpool Ialso think that it is still really ahlmann-moderately backwards so Iforgot to remove the foil butthought it was so superfluous toimagine fat white old men in*12just write bra don’tforget to remove it kapisa finest wasby looking at july completelysimply beautiful so with the milling machinea tuna pizza costs anaverage of gustavo august instead of 399 dr oetker 299so in three euro range i would say91 i have now taken place but 399was now the upper half butstill within the framework of the others, so to speak,me tell you how it lookslike in comparison to otherfrozen pizzas looks very, very*12I have to say it actually tastesvery, very fresh, I was a bitsurprised when I just took abite, so I’ve alreadyheard that they are very tastybut I did not think that it is sodelicious that it is still afrozen pizzaI don’t know what to expectbut really good it actually keepswhat it promises because it runs down in thesuper crispy base but uphere the dough is very soft*12while I am talking about it for me thisis a very, very good thrill pizza andthe 390 would definitely be worth it would saywe continue with this café froma youtube.com called evelyn of whichI am a very big fan if that’s why I wanted totest this coffee anyway, I think walker is askingmyself because I thought she had suchinstant coffee e bag but ijust ordered the coffee powder you can choosebetween trash brown and fetch itso apparently no*12luckily i got a test package and theseare the becks 10 so small thingscost 20 dollars which is a lot intenseof instant coffee once the socialdocklands that is why I saw tea bagsI have to say the effectsalso in every video the website alsolooks super good but 15 secondsso a bit andnorway hoops you can definitely give itfive minutessometimes know i haveburned myself water boiling why i am being*12minutes draw is my pizza openit in time totry itokay, mum wants to write here it isnow at least notnecessarily worth ordering from these funds Especiallynot for the price, I always think it’sokay, but it’s just not worthit I like to say something else asI said I really like to watch yourvideos,it doesn’t have to be. I definitelywant something sweet to go with*12with the biscuit dough byVictoria Sabrina I was a bitshocked because the powder strangely enough, I thought somehow that it was already horsethe ingredients first wheat flourand then it is good so they aremagic rainbow mix together with acompany called buning add about 1 heapedtablespoon of margarine and 30 milliliters ofwaterbut that meant brieflythe whole staff has such acup that covers 99 cost for research purposes,*12on both of them doesn’t look veryappetizing i would presumei mean we all know that as children we wereinto such [ __ ], yes i say yes not butit’s a bit of a crime the thinghas just 295 calories per 100 gramsyes it is a times a wholemeal that you can get a donutwith no good ratings somehowbut that I feel absolutely disgusting thatis so it tastes exactly likewhat is here and what is in*12sugar decor that you have toimagine what tastes a bit likethese witzel parts on top of a cactusis a stranded mixture and then there are actually only dyes printed and thattastes just like that I also have to dowithout thanks andthen it gets really disgusting so Iwould even do it I honestly don’t giveup on my child and you reallyweren’t under any circumstancesI definitely need something else witha little bit like that which lifts my mood abit and I know it’s the*12’ve tried it before I wanted to butstill take part in the video,I find it very, very good, especially thisproduct is exactly what I always get fromst orytelling la baja isgoing to be sociable forcocoa beans but for the farmers whoharvest these fine bullet points like modernslavery children but this chocolatesets a good example thatnot to support and todraw attention of course it is inthe past in these videos it also*12washington cetera was uncoveredi would of course alwaysask about effect checks in the commentswhat touches my heart is the bakartistic gymnastics here is art insidei have the number four here that isdark chocolate with Pear brownie andcaramelized because I have tosay they allsound really delicious andy sertich had the number 2shrink and will be served with whitechocolate which was also just ongoal for my taste is actually*12really must say beautifullyprinted I’m bi n calmly inspires above allthis art inside detail just makesmy heart open delicious tasteyou can taste that the soil was harvested under fairconditionsalso very good for us whenever a littlesomething special is made with thechocolate which is why it is with the yokolade so that theflavors are very specialand just not available in thesupermarket I would now say*12average price for thefact that it is produced fairly that you knowwhat I mean,that’s why it was now definitely againa device really that is very, veryclose is okay the next thing isi think what i think there is nothingthat i’m less in the mood for butthat shouldn’t mean gamer sonyperformance drink from montana black thatreminds me a bit thisjim booster only quasi gamer editioni now have the taste that funky*12energy coolness n tendency thatyou can gamble all nightif you decide to do it or if you are50 build it is actually therecommended consumption that must not beexceeded becauseprobably a good amount ofcaffeine but that is also subject topantothenic acid and a trick tonormalmental performanceso that you too can keep my normal mentalperformance there freezing cold*12this point idon’t know what we are buying effect thatnow i think more that caffeinewould be that then About active power I’malso curious what happens to me becauseshe’s already drank coffee every now and then, I thinkthat I was absolutely gone, Ithink you’ve got a title that’s also clearing the wayare pretty preaching a wild tasteslike kiosk chewing gum yes, yes,I’ve got carbonated energy drink I have thistaste in one Can andwould sell so carbon dioxide, it would be*12so some texts are so delicious is thatfunky bot amazon it is real tastesreally sick well well well so sendsfor a lively energy stupid doesn’t have to be must not necessarily beI baked something nice people something likea sallys torte world don’tinspire everything I prepared thething kneaded the thermomix thank godI got such a [ __ ] thermomix he was lostwithoutghosting honestly on the poop notesand packed fresh bread and I think Many*12to be cut good lincolnroad, unfortunately I have to say that it comes fromyou should just pack it on the blackwaterbaking tray and noweverything is so firmly on theground if you don’t give me preciseinstructions I’ll pack justokay but oh my god beautiful istill have my bread i think there is hwhat a shame is my bhagwanobsession and that was very, very simplei actually only added dry yeast andwater, baked it and*12but it goes the young test test and intaste i’m a professional in contrast topreparing what should i do say it’s atear it can hardly believe it is soimmense that i’m already fit again that’swhy i think that she is soready-made cakes ready-made baked goods worldit is also under her would i don’t knowwhat her whole concept is actuallythat you yourself I was supposed to bake butI wanted to make such a dungeon ikskelly or cupcakes special youjust finish it off sells this*12it is really very tastybecause to make it now what else can Isay I know you the woman is perfectcome Let’s go to the last one and shouldone print it meanwhile influenza orcelebrities I don’t know who the vodkafrom sido nabu this pack is greatwindow natural vodkaexceptional taste 100 percent ofcourse a statement sustainabledistilled day and artis spoken of that also makes me verycurious and we have again forgotten the*12[music]I almost forgot it wasreally vodka-worthy kipp und Although he hasforbidden a proud price of67 euros for ten lust 13 euros 10 shippingand 15 1025 value added tax, I was then atotal of 95 94which definitely belongs to the pricerange but if it is actually ashigh quality as itis described of course itspriceso honestly it’s almost*12somehow put yourself on your alcohol shelfso normally ican’t smell other words so intense smells very mildbecause definitelytry it first i hope i don’t give achance has so that the icecubes have made themselves in and it somehowv thin or so ok you see i haven’t grimaced at leasti don’t think it feelslike it was born actually feelingreally tender and aromatic andspicy and it is not difficult to drink it pure*12bit stronger but tastes really very,very good so as good as vodka can taste, I would now say it issomehow so cool in the hand is, if it is just aboutthe size of one of my breasts,why ever I do thecomparison I had to do it now butnot so sure if it is whitejustified I think on the icethere will definitely be sido’s nameon top let’s say it the way ittastes story the look I think*12friends about it, I think notbecause it would be so random to bring somewherethat tastes very good becausea mr werner thought comesto the end ssthe coolthanks for watching my childhood I forgetto subscribe to the comments towrite what should tryso that you won’t do it andthen we’ll see you on anothervideo Tuesday 6 pm I’m looking forward toyou and I hope you are happy also*12[music]