Top Sweet-Food Hotspots in Berlin | Shirin David

8 my name is very warm to mea new spot livio two years ago i started my function sports videoshot and it is one of the most popular in the german-speaking areaseen videos i was thinking i can do a special 2.0 lapand this time we are going on a sweet tour through berlinmy film is the security of life in all of berlinthat has been my law enforcement networkbut no paidthis is a typical time to be felt mostly with a creamyou can make the outside raffaello or cinema or whole milk or whitechocolate but first take a look are rheinberg and what I actually have itthe page was yesHowever, successful today exelon is forgotten because I knew you today*12eat very tasty and actually answer tooi like to take what is talked about on the internet about driving normally[Music]okay people my first meal today my lochmahr are fulleuros in a row chocolate the top withcaramel sauce and with him from one side and because the donkey is always firstEnjoy your meal[Music]The clique will come out crispy on the outside so they’ll be calm and inLucy Crowe should be daily that is an incredible so far should be on everyonebring a case because these are already snowing in properly I canup to 25 this little states of navy I’m going away alone now and watchingif maybe one can be a good one in case you’re wondering where that they are for*12is my place good this place is and is really my lifeif now in the fifth week tomorrow I have to be another weekI even have a small shelf here. I already have my youtubeeverything the heart desires, whether I pass stupid bickels, whether it’s legal, yesthe bumper car is not powered by a motor that means I always have to turn it ongive momentum with the right leg that looks like I’m always so sharpit’s like another pension and I have to say a pretty big part of itI like it too, or because it is the hot day as an animal today, I wanted tochoose as the next station and that is by far the most delicious bubble teahad partie had such a brief hype I think I had no idea 19 18then it is ticked off relatively quickly but I got it again through this shopdiscovered for me because i was somehow on twitter i think it’s to tasteI do almost everything artificial, but this party especially I already have two*12based on the military is so jesse so horny bobic are so and he is easyunbelievable that sting out over the large size and i have cream willi oncealso ordered both, so to speak, both of which are my favorite places from there and theI could think of this first so far this is like a refreshmentso far there may still be but I tell you mango and colleagues, that’s thatthat’s exactly what you need at 35 degrees that this sweetness of and you can have thisjenny so think the left ear 24 times directly in creamthe thriller has life between sweet janis afruity and a bit sweet because they really care about caramelSo it tastes really chocolate if you feel like the very tough groupcreme brulée and if you sweeten power outhow to now first of all in charlottenburg blog times how to nowat berlin-mitte high now avoid driving to kreuzberg and you already have*12this day is all like thatno matter what is luck that the store is only complete when it should bebut knowthat’s it, but max is not like the people at allI would not do anything with vegans in euros or vegetarianhave month is always a special month andmost of the time this is associated with riskspinkls as second in hand wasn’t a genius and then i’m somebodySurprise talks, however, always make the 125 but there hasa lot of time after that, every time immediately study were with the guys inwho came from duisburg when he told the producer i don’t know how ofteni order i really know every day when i order tomatoesso quite with the assessment but I have in this class are problem*12if I don’t want youblack mask used no problemsand now we have a box hereand i always say the best is the gpu deep formor because the thanks are particularly large as seldom4 yes i can already feel i have a feeling when they are like thata little bit stale when you are I stop tasting in the evening as ifI buy them in the mornings, I taste that tooso that it closes againonly through my head and you can currently hear he speakswith me but I can say what that will be pretty nicethe comments what a rating of thisfoto stn healthy again*12nobody has yetthe whole thing is the beginner’s first game of the teambecome againMay made and the celebrations disappear until the changewhen i’m looking for closeness or somewhere new or am still a guestsmall large medium very large celebrity world so you can’t go wrongeveryone loves donuts if you are vegan it is for you and you can really enjoy themeat a lot and very, very important is the founder is everything before aexperience and by the way, I officially welcome you for the first timein the picture it need webos this is my new bus thenwhen i drive through germany it just makes it a bit more comfortableto have you know regardless of kona I know youi hate flying very often being typical career there somehow*12it is enormous in cologne and in frankfurt berlin is also very badspontaneous and i just love to work too much more waiting so longthat means we have really neisse seats with fold-out muslimsis such a small table I could put my donuts down a small onefridge we have a tv screen netflix the board not farenough everything the heart if he darkened everything that means we cango out but don’t look in we have the logo we didn’t even know howyou set it pink and we have a starry sky and with this pictureIt need rap that means if I have a pool outsidearmored black like you then you know that is typical need grad busare very welcome maybe we often see what sounds that is nowI give my share of the beautiful so that we have and I am very happy that I amthere or you can also do a few things agustin but he’ll be 60 of the next days too*12dumplings she’s having an incredible partyrounded off by vegan donau now in summeris cool and now look at that [music]i’m the 100thyou should then memorize it because before and with his to thevegan say alternative and they always have from the storeI was actually told but we have a suggestion what is the name of the pathin the profession of conscious so only zeller and had to[Music] and we do it but first of alla live chat normally i can already do all of themthings but the field is try directly and tell you offer directlyalmost hiddenbecause*12In any case, diabetes, that’s so wrong, it doesn’t taste like normal eitherbecome a really nice little cookie that means you have this ice cream so hates this onethen you have this little crash of the rhine and there comes so unbelievable meI don’t even know how I look like this over 35 degreeshonestly because i buy it especially for it would come so friends of the sunif someone is still looking for friedrichshain it is essential that the ruble is therereally unbelievable and you write times when the general hotspot since meI keep getting pictures of people who think they have chosen it wellwhere your was thin, please send the writing to any otherrelieved if anything from here is consideredRecommendation and came back I know that is primarily sweet long 1with but I absolutely had to in this onethey have a they are actually more addicted to what smells like*12we’re talking about reviews of sneakers and fried gates and 30 whether it’s the inI only know the one here I order via Lieferando partie extra enough for thiswar that is sometimes not easy but doesn’t tell at all[Music]may when that clarified friends thiswe hate each other but i havethat’s why the tastes fust should come by yourself, okay that’s the fried onesneaker I mean honestly what is that, I never believe thatrenova never looked so very wild but said I would have him he also speaks withus the mystical, I say so, today 35 degrees are being asked for your medlockbabbel to do to take this step the man there is askingwrite a bit bad but everything for the tri teams not whether the 2 2achieved that is of course very nice hmm*12So, visually as well as from home, drinking three liters of water is not an optionfirst time in cyprus it was unbelievable but this was different like the nextthree months not that I have already set a course to eat relativelywrites and in the comments at the first try would be in the suiteindian and what a cross court video you guys might just domeesters would wish bad then went to the beautiful same oneturkish cuisine edition equal to a fast food indian maybe a pastaedition does it cost fit or do I know some lives anywayBe sure to write the comments anton is very happy that anton has 1 1ate between today but I think that he definitely fits with us andwe say goodbye to finance already all restaurants areGoodbye linked below