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the term street food is nowon everyone’s lipstoday we invite you on aculinary journey of discovery to south africathailand china and even furthersiegfried to enjoy quickly prepared dishesmostly directly on the streetover two and a half billion peoplearound the world eat to go every day andthat can be great being unusualour partner johannes zenglein is out and about inthe old town of chenault in the middle of chinaa real tribute paradise*12appetite looks harmless like afailed fried egg three pieces cost80 centsbut what’s that johannes hopesdorf doesn’t contain a strange filmThe measure is a pastry from the firstmarriage filled with either ground beef beansor sweet, which variant hasjohannes caughttastes a total of 70 and inside isthis peanut sauce that you found sevenhits from zarate, for example,just the mixture*12hamm johannes is hot dogs and citizens cannot discover johannes at the streetstalls the cuisine of sichuan province is known forits special spiciness in aside street the chef prepares frogslegs with vegetables which are typical forchina the walk first deep fry andthen further cooking in an extra hotchilli brühlthe wholething is called a fire pot or cycling at the table the waitress findsa gas fire flame completely throughher head now it’s getting serious the extra*12taste that can be stunning and evenintoxicatingit has a very good sharpnessI was just about to say but nottoo spicy so for me personallyi wouldn’t cook like that i orderthat is just that specialty thiscritical point too sharp long noses aseuropeans are jokingly referred to by the chinese southafrica barbecue withspeed that is thestreet food secret tip in cape town’s most dangeroustownship gugulethu black and knows*12here, including volkan and lena fromnuremberg whose so-called butcher’s shop, snackbar, restaurant and disco in one isspecialright at the entrance of the shop, youchoose what you want to eat later;Meter-long sausages at unbeatableprices a huge portion costs justsix euros at the price, you need to work hard because once you haveput together your meat platter in the butcher’s shop, you have to make it talk yourself*12degreesMeat comes too shortly before the meatcomes on the grill, thegrill masters piled it up in so let a secretmarinadethe recipe is a well-keptfamily secret only so much isrevealed it is awesome cattleand this gives the meat aslightly sweet tastethat is itBy the way, there is nocutlery question here food is with the hands while djs entertains*12music and the German tourists taste it[music]street food for everyone so here theowner herself cooks her trademarkis ski gogglesshe should spark off the dangerous bloodand splash fat protect from thewood-burning stovethe thai jean veil wasawarded a michelin star for her legendary drive the snack baris in bangkok’schinatown i have been cooking for 30 years i fought alot to find the right way for*12n’t have to leave a whole family takes care oftv cooks everything on its own and, above all, fromregional fresh products on themenu, asusual with star chefs, only a selection oftwelve dishes makethe difference for cv thecrabs are the freshest and are servedin the backyard by hand pulled soyour dig ornette is a mast tex t andenjoys great popularityfast and hot with a little corianderthe kfv alias comes completely on the*12i thought the swimming team asi saw it howthey did it but that is not important at allwhat he is a littlechristi and a lot heads disappearedreporter pieter geelen tastes good thecable network comes with rice andhomemade hot saucebut that is something foradvanced peoplethe red sauce here it hasquite an afterburnera real tip gv the star in the rubber*12street corner in kampala the capital ofuganda the national list ofthe country is fried here victoria was thecustomers among them reporter christianbader standing in line two ownershow can i order herebut you can also have half a kilo around40 kilometers from here thefish comes fromthe city contains directly onlake victoria here are numerous iche fishing villagesonly one of these giant branchesweighs 20*12packs all the fish in a sack with lots of iceon his rickety mopedroberts fischbude has the highest turnoverin all of kampala he sells 20 fishevery day and in small onespieces hacked order the suite for customersby weight one kilogramcosts the equivalent of about 4euros fried fish over an opening fire thensimply put a match in and thefire burnsfinally yesterday’soil is stretched with a little fresh oil now*12robert steps into it fat is put in the oil to giveit an intense fish taste,probably that’s why the people literally went for a race that istraditionally friedvictorian bass in uganda with lots ofsalt until late at nightrobert prepares his street view to kansas cityin us- Missouri State began operating thegas station at 47th in 1996different in the meantime there arethree such shops in kansas city that all rehearsethe tank but the original street foodin american why*12vips grill expert patrick ryanyou already knowybbs mediums barbecuesauce delicious from[music]but until they are so far it is along way because the vips are prepared here ina very special way thatstarts with the cut the stars useit that does not mean that the supervisorscome but they are cut off thatthe world does Thispart of the spareribs is called square, the tips*12after that, important here at gosee, they were trimmed again ina square shape thatfits together andhere, in any case, the membraneof the silver comes on the therapies aretogether with puls burg and the bizkitdie holy trinity of the barbecueat the silver wedding anniversary there is lessseasoning on the meat te sliprelatively heavily seasoned that meansa real thick amount ofspices is sprinkled onthe dry spice mixture the*12then the vips come withthe meat side up in thesmoker[music]they stay three and a half hours at 120degrees run like tomorrow with oldoak wood and we do that reallywellthe range philips like betweentwo and a half to five hoursthey come classic with texas tost thatis us with butter coleslaw and bonuses[music]*12wonderful wonderful kansas city sauceon top put the coast extremely diligent sowillmann rips eatthe raptors a must for street food fans