Die Top 7 besten Food Hotspots in Berlin | Shirin David

hey i didn’t even see what’s going on, people emphasize my nameWelcome to a new one as you know I’ve lived for about oneyear in berlin and consequently savings where are you goingin the czech republic where stallion and where do you like to go free from that’s why i thought to myselftoday i’ll show you my 578 19 favorite sports here in berlinwe can eat really well we know really well it could be that i start myselfand meet there and the day begins, as is well known, only with breakfast and itI’m going to show you some spirit Turkish breakfast all over Berlin sosee you in the notorious Schlüterstraße andthis is my favorite circus breakfast and often mine in generalfavorite turks i have to say over here it’s true railroad trackstablecloths of the service exclusiveomg what are you doing here specifically get that thanks so best service*12family businesses so are all of my business partnersany with against the world does not need and whatever will always bedone here i really find everyone here and everyone knows menbetween the coming to berlin the film doesn’t become business pointstrains can stanic because here doesn’t know me but can’t anybodypicture and also the candles very romantic in front[Music]Let’s start with a mixed salad side dishpolitical crisis and men more I know immediately that is the best thing I donever eaten not even turkey the highlight is nice toogrilled and writing and the best comes at the end freshness was funnyto talk about this bread that it is cloudless and that is so much i manyou have to eat quickly, you have to be warm quickly*12waters is to give sheep’s cheese mozzarella cheese ourblack olives so powerfully accurate and right now that’s about blatant buteveryone here does that talking about everything the potato chips are so fewwill just die as a 9 and I’ll do it all by myselfso i know men have to eat again this is so blatant that is just tooThe portion size is usually blatant, but because today I dothat alone has to be enough[Music] I’m very hungry right now and so am I.actually want everything in public but not allowed to eat everything because we get money forwhich will continue next, of course, I don’t just have the whole thingare alone my team played well with breakfast and wellbut now let’s go look at what’s coming if you only knewthe joy my book is open let’s go to the next spot hello us*12you know i’m haram terms are but this fertilizer is the adapterthis job is the father of all citizens is not really excited okaythose kantstrasse are done wisely and i love love love waiting for this stageI would like to have an opponent completely science so if you have anythingextra world we still have rambo justin bieber and tina turner and we have soa not now[Music]on a camera or whoever one of the best trainers in the world with minewe have the vegetables in there with sheep cheese from the citroensheep cheese we are also still offers commissioner right where this packagecombo just this sheep’s cheese or something that is about strength and theBy the way, original vegetable dollars come from here, so everything that you have out there comes from heresees these are copies are the theater recipes or whatever that may be*12can support you have to do i would like to eat here because believabledo you come here i’ll tell you one thing your firstyou shouldn’t do date here[Music]So I’m asking the rounds come so when you get the roundsthey come from the lüner doner kebab makes it more beautiful[Music] folks, that’s itI can tell my stomach is getting rounder and nowgo on to the next morningso people i bring the next store sown are only sown at its good you neveragain[Music]we also have at home stop doing yours we have a problem*12stopped because not if a social person and only sometimes with pleasurein the car instead of in the store because i don’t feel like people so i give upfirst of all again before I even start filming and we’ll see what it isbecause in this store as well as need so we are now trio yes i am soknow now in the windscheidstraße from jerry bock also has juicy burgershorny it comes mainly sweet potatoes then comes to wind citizens and usstuck out of water as well as what the personal place is twofoldcitizen that means double batch with hot cheese and sweet potato comesuch possesses over everything and if the other is there of course everything else as wellthe ugly sprint elite 100 percent how do you look different me to eatand no worries behind the camera that doesn’t just add to the matteris why the fairs in berlin have become an actioni was slimmer before i swear i was in hamburg right there there*12I could stop eating so manfred comes herewrong or does anyone like to experience but then you can hereNotI think it isso we can have some choir music, pleasethat is a double step forward to make onion more citizens of courseand the people salad and juicy this good and then it is crunchyPotato-proof and that’s about me sounds like a chili cheese fris with a juicy bus that pays homage tobut it remains here to eat with a boy I don’t know who that is[Music] and of course the factor looks behindcamera already to drool yes it hasI have so much for the guests, the rest will no longer stay with my mom*12Windberger apart from sex about juicy about pit and [ __ ] yoursdiet and we have to go straight to the next patch burg and now ifwe ask 100 and maybe we can do something sweetI followed five cents right in front or I hope stool as long as thatis nrw there is the father heard from him thatall four and at nrw I always preferred to be here next to theOf course, scola doesn’t hope very well, and sometimes a little says yeslonger for us shipped quickly because they let the film slide 12absolutely want one and I’ll show you what I imagine what I meanFavorite varieties are, above all, what you want him to get[Music] so child actually changes mineorder can also say as always and he knows exactly what to explain to youwe happen today what then we always do a topic as a face*12league at the top caramel sauce maybe make shirin today was also a mustall thatand at least a gift because in the west there is no gift on thewhole world from above so don’t worry if I don’t turn it offberlin since in berlin there are 500 stores and core germany combinedthere are a total of 30 stores so the band safe somewhere near youhope to find miracles and personal wedding is my milk so maybeif I would have added it comes free and I have a drink to the endIt became clear that three should fit, but for me one meal is firstcomes when I actually had a lot of it, I have it now and because wenot yet through that with all of this I’m now raped my stomach witheven more horny in the food and I’ll show you well we are through with nowwonderwall I actually came here and actually they say dessert comes to the*12most people always try a main course first and then anotherDessert Persian Lithuanian tastes are simply wanted anywaynow going back to kreuzberg not that we were Germans but fans were easyback to kreuzberg and become my favorite shop visitor in this onearea and one or the other knows in safe and everyone in berlin knows 12 andevery berliner has to know the safe, but i’m going to introduce you to it again todaycloser to and in 700 kilometers we are there so you are at the kottiarrived and now there are the best people in all of berlin by faralways one but I look through the whole musttogetherand thentherethe romance*12here fill with love yes you have just seen we havethe meat with beaver can be in tomatoes and over delicious parents then he still has itone painted on it all makes the best casting appointment that crispgood comes although it is crisp that’s so when the grandma on fast when youwant somethingthat doesn’t look good after the man was missing this video seen everythingJust don’t give a [ __ ] with my days as I can while eating other peopleyes not anywayI cannot advance my tableso people in the belly place right away but still we don’t stop because thateverything is just for you so that you can see the best hotspots and all of Berlincan and we ask if later to a very special place you knowthat I have already shown my investors many times, but what is it for us*12when she thinks we are standing in front of high today I may say it’s ok after 2 p.m.There is not only a crazy whistle here, there is also sushi andwithout exaggerating this is but convince yourselfA warm welcome the location is actually still closed that means it can’tall sign music made out normally i could just said itdirect and indirect mannweib everything possible from while having a golden oneaccents and mostly I sit down somewhere quite off the markvalid if i need somewhere in berlin then hear me thereneatly plucked so the shop here that’s the vision already hearddistance the saga captain of the national team within yourso immediately me a little and the 21 why the country 21 is called because itsonly 21 is and outside the entrance there are again 21 injapanese writing made of stone was also born in tehran and tehran is 0 21*12this is sushi platter special that is if you want exactly thatjust ask for sushi plate special and now I will delight you very wellletting go i have been looking forward to the whole day on this ship without savingand the people who don’t like sushi you can still discard the best oneEnjoy your meal, friends, I do very little first to be very importanta little biti had turkish breakfast i had windberger i had super i hadbonner week i had strength and at the end of the day with sushi and asks himwhy I still have no stomach ache, but at least now who believes thatone about blatant bot but I still have one for you, of course I have thatall again with my team they have even more stomach aches than mefortunately i have good times at least i would say let’smake us on the way to the last spot definitely comes here and in all*12[Applause] I really got it rightI’m really happy as I am now [applause]so, after a very, very long day at our very last, wiesen runshotspot arrived here in berlin and that is the restauranthere you can bring a real date with you, so if you are in spite of everyonenew first del carmen walter does it here i will show you what they doWhat is particularly exquisite and what I especially love here is the shopI always try to keep it for special occasions I’ve been beforewith my mom because it’s just not a bit special and if he iswant to go out to eat really tasty and chic and fill you up with it so massivelywanted and are then definitely come here and I’ll show you the whole thingnation are40 o’clock is james r systems one of the owners with my brother so if one*12our kitchen is so armenian it might take at least 24 hoursPickled before that even on the grillour specialty, veal fillet, is so well-known in the city that we are everyonewho comes in has to try our veal fillet is more than anythingand that’s exactly what we’re going to try now[Music]two real victims eat one but sometimes peter lenk from munich hasI’ve done that before when she’s just alone for meor what do you say is capable of it[Music]space for two people, one for our specialty and something at the momenteven if that is one of our defining features, we also like our chicken with honeyBaked soy pickled and singing such a breath happens then I wish you*12exclusive presentation and I tell you this chickeni have never in my life eaten so delicious marinated tender meatI wish I couldn’t do this by you can’t do this forall vegan vegetarians a dream you can’t try that so blatantly pleasenow a bit exactly and I want that is still in front of meConnection hit and so you have to be so consequently you can hardly do moreSpeaking right is just really hard to speak I have all of thesespot for you guys and I hope that I will give you a good insight intothese different living from areas and full at least% of his officecould write me the comments where you already in berlin what you do bestHave tasted and write me the comments where you all of theseI would like to go sports, of course I have the whole mealnowhere thrown away we ate it with the team i have half*12manage to eat but I really wanted to show you what it looks likecan order what kind of service awaits you and what kind of look you can expectwhat kind of ambience expected and that’s just sports that I’m intoInconceivable about feelings and I also hope that I am one or the other right nowI couldn’t give a little tip to berliners and I’m really, really happyBe sure to leave a thumb up on your feedbackif you liked it and forget to subscribe to this channel everyoneweek there is a new video every week on sunday at 12 o’clock on my channelsince in any case at the start when the next few weeks are getting wilder andmore and more comes to me and I greet you very much fell throughvery, very great pressed, I do at least run that waythe shop actually still has[Music]*12