Brooke Baldwin Quotes Georgia Republican’s Warning Senate Runoffs Likely to be ‘Total, Complete, Absolute Sh*tshow’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin didn’t hold back on Monday, repeating verbatim the full, R-rated version of a Georgia Republican’s ominous warning to the network about the party’s prospects in tomorrow’s twin Senate runoff elections.

Speaking with GOP strategist Doug Heye on her afternoon show, Baldwin began by recapping the just-concluded press conference by Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, who methodically debunked the absurd conspiracy claims made by President Donald Trump in his by-now infamous, hour-long phone call soliciting election fraud with Georgia’s secretary of state.

“He kept saying: ‘Don’t self-suppress your vote,’” Baldwin noted, as Baldwin alluded to Trump spitefully dismissing the Senate special election as “illegal and invalid” on Friday.

Then, turning to Heye, she said: “Let me read you this one quote, and I want you two cents on all of this.”

“This is from a Georgia Republican to one of our CNN folks on the ground there,” she said. “Quote: ‘No one has any rational reason to believe it’ — tomorrow, the voting — ‘will go well, The likelihood of a total, complete, absolute shitshow,’ — pardon my French, this is a direct quote — ‘is off the charts. If disaster is avoided it will be sheer dumb luck.’”

“I’m terrified what could happen, because Republicans, speaking purely political here, Republicans should win these races tomorrow,” Heyes said, pointing out that his party has won seven out of eight special elections since 1992.

“But President Trump represent a wrecking ball that’s going to knock down the stadium where the game is played, for his own whims, dividing Republicans against themselves,” Heye lamented. “If [GOP Sen. Kelly] Loeffler and [David] Perdue lose, Donald Trump is not going to be loyal to them, he’s more likely to call them losers and everything that goes along with that, because Donald Trump doesn’t give points, he only takes them away one at a time.”

“There’s this question of conservatism, where, what does it mean to be conservative right now?” Heye added, before praising Sterling’s powerful dismantling of Trump’s absurd, anti-democratic attacks. “That’s exactly what we just saw. It’s that grace under pressure that Ernest Hemingway called ‘courage.’ It was maybe the most heroic and patriotic thing I’ve ever seen on television. It’s powerful.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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