Fans Are Convinced Harry Styles Is About to Drop a New Music Video

Fans of Harry Styles may want to grab their detective caps, because there’s a music video mystery afoot. Harry could be topping off an already-packed year with the release of a music video for Fine Line track, “Treat People With Kindness.”

Before you cancel your holiday plans and sit near the computer in anticipation, here’s what the internet has discovered so far. Yesterday, a reported still from the video was circulating among fans on social media. As pointed out by Uproxx, the still had featured a cameo from Flebag star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Some on social media also pointed out that at one point, a reported trailer for the video was seemingly posted online.

Speculation surrounding a new music video largely centered around the uncovering of reported images from the video, but the Fleabag official Twitter account seemed to join in on the fun. On Wednesday, December 23, a fan account devoted to posting stills from Fleabag shared an image in which Harry was mentioned on the show. The show responded, posting a GIF, and the words, “Harry finally getting the love he deserves.”

While some fans have already taken this as a sign that they need to start Fleabag, others are analyzing additional clues, including the recent change in Harry’s website color. Putting all of the pieces together, some now believe that Harry intends to release the video within the next few days — and the internet is already prepared. One person questioned, “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SPEND XMAS WITH MY FAMILY KNOWING THAT HARRY STYLES CAN DROP THE TPWK MV AT ANY MOMENT,” while another theorized that maybe Harry was the one that had leaked the still. For now, this reported video remains a mystery, but if Harry did want to share the goods, fans are certainly ready to watch.

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