Music Saved 2020: The 29 Best Songs Of The Year

Not even a global catastrophe could stop
South Korean juggernaut BTS from climbing upward. After clinching another two No.1 albums with February’s
Map Of The Soul: 7 and later with
BE, they added
two No .1 songs to their historic accolades, and most recently
a 2021 Grammy nomination. But even as they continue to prove their superhuman abilities, the septet never fails to share their raw, vulnerable humanity.
MOTS7’s standout “Black Swan” does so with a rather contemplative darkness.
BE’s “Dis-ease,” however, tackles the very reliable feeling of burnout with rollicking energy and a bit of clever wordplay (“work” in Korean, 일, sounds like the English word “ill”). The old-school hip-hop track is classic BTS: expertly mixing fun with frustration and a dash of social commentary. But the real catharsis comes in “Dis-ease”’s explosive final drop, finally leaving us spent. Time for a day off. –