Nearly all members of NCT become residents of a TV-show apartment complex

Fans watching a recent episode of the animated series ‘Case Closed‘ on TV were totally surprised when some very familiar names appeared as the residents of an apartment complex!

In this particular episode, a scene featuring the names of apartment residents, displayed on their mailboxes, appeared briefly during the story. 

Some of the names of the residents were way too familiar, and fans began to zero in on the familiar names one by one:

#401 Hwang Wook Hee (Lucas)

#301 Kim Dong Young (Doyoung)

#402 Lee Dong Hyuk (Haechan)

#303 Jung Yoon OH (Jaehyun)

#201 Hwang In Jun (Renjun)

#502 Jung Sung Chan (Sungchan)

#802 Lee Min Hyung (Mark)

#804 Moon Tae Il (Taeil)

#703 Jo[ng] Jin Lak (Chenle)

#704 Lee Tae Yong (Taeyong)

#604 Jo [So] Duk Joon (Xiaojun)


#803 Lee Tae Min (SHINee’s Taemin)

#1104 Seo Young Ho (Johnny)

#1105 Ryu Yang Doo [Yang] (Yangyang)

#1106 Lee Yoo Tae (Yuta???)

#1006 Lee Young Heum (TEN)

#904 Na Jae Min (Jaemin)

#906 Hwang Kwan Hyung (Hendery)

#1007 Lee Je No (Jeno)

#1008 Do[ng] Sa Sung (Winwin)

#Unshown apartment Park Ji Sung (Jisung)

#102 Kang Jung Woo (Jungwoo)


#203 Kim Ki Bum (SHINee’s Key)

#101 Lee Jin Ki (SHINee’s Onew)

#103 Kim Jong Hyun (SHINee’s Jonghyun)

Seeing all of the names, fans were convinced that the editor who labeled the names of the mailboxes on this episode of ‘Case Closed’ must be a fan of NCT and SHINee!

What do you think of this quirky(?) incident?