NCT Dream were protagonists of one segment of A&E Alto Frontera

Alto Frontera is a show like Airport Security ( where viewers follow the men and women in charge of stopping drugs and illegal immigration in the main Airports of each country ) this show was filmed in Latin-America , in several countries like México, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia and Perú.

In one episode, we can see kpop band NCT Dream arriving at the airport Arturo Merino (Chile’s main airport, located in Santiago) for a SMTown last year, where immigration officers didn’t let them enter the country because they didn’t have a permit, everything was the fault of the manager/the people in charge of the organization in Chile , but the video is funny because the idols act so non chalant about being detained, the manager acts as if he doesn’t care, the fans just wait and the narration is so dramatic.

At the end they didn’t have any permit but there was some sort of procedure where they could enter as tourists while the managers made the paperwork to change the permit from being about turism to being about work, fans have been talking about it and joking.

The video is in spanish and doesn’t have subtitles, but it’s the only one that exists

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ONTD, tell us about your bad airport experiences !